Healthcare Computers & Tablets

Fanless Medical Panel PCs Designed for Healthcare

What is a Healthcare Computer?

The IT needs of a healthcare facility go beyond RAM, video cards and processors. When it comes to Healthcare IT (HIT) patient care and safety must also be taken into account. Healthcare computers are specially designed to meet a number of regulations specifically related to patient safety.

Computers with 60601-1 certification have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet electromagnetic and radiation standards that are safe for near-patient use. A healthcare PC should also have an antimicrobial housing and be IP65 rated so it can be sprayed down with disinfectant and wiped clean.

CyberMed S Series with Fully Antimicrobial Housing

Ideal for Sterile Environments

There are many areas inside of a hospital that need to be kept sterile. Places like an operating room, a compounding pharmacy, and even the ICU need to have equipment that prevents the spread of harmful germs, bacteria, and particulates.

Cybernet offers the world's only fully antimicrobial computers and tablets available. Our medical grade computers feature antimicrobial properties baked directly into the housing so they never wear off. We also feature antimicrobial touch glass, making the entire unit germ and bacteria resistant.

Our medical computers also feature fanless designs to prevent the spread of these contaminants. They are also IP65 rated, meaning they are sealed and can be safely cleaned with harsh disinfectants commonly found in hospitals.

Rugged Medical Tablet with Completely Antimicrobial Exterior

Perfect for Mobile Healthcare

Medical tablets are being used to connect rural areas and mobile practitioners with state of the art care. Through WiFi and LTE technology, medical tablets can be used in mobile clinics and blood banks to record patient data directly into EMR software and even register patients for medicare, improving billing.

Telehealth is another practical application that not only helps shut-ins and the disabled have easier access to care but can also save time and money for practitioners by eliminating some of the long queues in doctor's offices and emergency rooms.

Medical Cart with Improved Point of Care

Improving Point of Care

The widespread adoption of EMR software has made the medical cart one of the most critical pieces of equipment in a hospital. The ability to update a patient's chart in real-time at the point of care frees up time for practitioners and reduces human error that is commonly found with double entry.

While streamlining workflows is important, a recent study showed that a computer's work surface was one of the dirtiest surfaces in a hospital. That is why it is vital to use a medical cart computer that has been certified to be medical grade.

By pairing one of our battery powered units with a non-powered cart, you can greatly reduce the spread of germs while saving thousands of dollars per solution.

Fanless Medical Panel PC for Infotainment

Improve Outcomes with Better Patient Engagement

It is statistically proven that more engaged, happier patients tend to have much better healthcare outcomes. Healthcare computers can play a major role in this.

Patients can use the large touchscreen interface of a computer to stream TV and movies, listen to music, or even video call friends and relatives. Units can also be used to order food, cutting down on paper processes and making food service far more efficient throughout your facility. Doctors can even share test results and images of x-rays and MRIs right on the screen, helping patients to better understand their symptoms and treatment options.

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