Fanless Industrial Computers

Certified to meet IEC60068-2-27 standards for shock testing and durability.

Locking Removable Drive Bays designed to be swappable with removable hard drives and allow for easy data backups.

Features a Human Machine Interface that allows operators to monitor and control automated processes.

IP65 Sealed, waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant.

Designed to be tough & durable even in the most demanding environments.

IP65 sealed to be waterproof & dustproof. Shock resistant. In compliance with MIL-STD-810G (516.6-VI. Transit drop test.)

Dual hot swappable batteries. Integrated barcode scanner.

What is an Industrial Computer?

The manufacturing and industrial sectors are extremely diverse. It covers food processing, metal fabrication and everything in between. The one thing every sector has in common is that the environments they operate in are harsh, and wreak havoc on regular computers. Dust and other particles damage internal components. Extreme heat and cold, with varying humidity, can kill a computer quickly. Even something as simple as finding a place to install a tower can be difficult and create a safety hazard.

That is why companies in the industrial sector rely on industrial grade computers. But what exactly sets an industrial grade computer apart from a standard commercial grade computer?

Military Grade Components - Cybernet uses military-grade components in our industrial computers. These components are specifically engineered to be shock and vibration proof, withstand temperature and humidity variants, and have a much higher MTBF (mean time between failure) than standard commercial-grade components.

Fanless Cooling Technology - One of the most common points of failure for any computer is the cooling fan. This is especially true in industrial settings. Manufacturing floors are filled with particulates in the air that get sucked up by fans and cause hardware failure. Fanless industrial PCs use a combination of heat sinks, low power consumption components, and fewer moving parts to reduce heat, allowing for fanless cooling.

Multiple Mounting Options - Not only is space typically at a premium on most production floors but having towers on the ground and extra cords creates a safety hazard. All of Cybernet's industrial PCs can be VESA mounted using 75/100 mm standards. Some of our PCs are also din rail and rack mount capable, allowing you to place the computer where you need it without it getting in the way of workflow.

What are the Different Types of Industrial Computers?

Because the industrial sector is so varied, there is no such thing as a one size fits all hardware solution. When choosing a fanless industrial PC it is important to consider the application before settling on the right hardware. Primarily speaking, there are two different types of industrial grade computers, as well as industrial tablets.

Fanless Mini-Rugged PCs - Also known as box PCs, these computers are compact and engineered with rugged housings. They are typically din, rail and VESA mount compatible and can be mounted on anything from a forklift to an outdoor enclosure. Highly customizable, these units should have multiple legacy ports and expansion slots so they can be integrated into any device or application. Variable DC power also means that fanless mini-rugged PCs can run off their own power supply, or be powered by the equipment they've been integrated into.

Industrial Panel PCs - These are all-in-one computers built with industrial grade and military grade components that serve any number of industrial applications. Most commonly, industrial panel PCs are used as HMI (human machine interface) or control panels for heavy equipment. Featuring responsive touch screens, industrial panel PCs are ideal for 3D rendering and CAD software applications. Additional features can be directly integrated into these devices, like RFID, to help with inventory management and quality control. In addition, all of Cybernet's panel PCs are IP65 rated, protecting them from dust and water ingress.


DRS Technologies, Inc.

They are good looking units, and are doing just what we purchased them for with no complaints.

-A.S., Lead Support Analyst
DRS Technologies, Inc.

Transform Automotive, LLC.

The Cybernet solution enabled us to do rapid deployment and reduce the PC footprint in the gauging area of our shop floor, while saving money in the process.

-S.H., System Administrator
Transform Automotive, LLC.

National Oilwell Varco

The objective was to allow the server to just do the data archiving while the PC does the rest, and the PC most definitely met that goal.

-A.Z., Senior Field Manager
National Oilwell Varco

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