Cybernet's OEM/ODM services provide customers with custom-designed all-in-one PCs and other OEM embedded devices for use in different applications and platforms, such as kiosks or industrial environments. We make it easy. The process follows these six steps:
  1. Every project begins with an OEM/ODM consultation and meetings with our Project Managers. Here, customers discuss their idea, along with the electronic and mechanical specifications, desired form factor, performance specifications, lifecycle, shipping destinations, and compliance requirements. Cybernet then works with customers to design and engineer a customized product to meet all their needs, generating mockup samples for customer evaluation.
  2. After the customer approves the design and mockup samples, Cybernet will then begin to build the tools and first article sample in accordance with the customer's exact specifications.
  3. The next phase of the project involves building prototypes, which will vary in quantity depending on the project. This is an important step before mass production to verify large-scale manufacturability of the product. Typically, MVT quantities vary from 20 to 100 units.
  4. The Quality Control step is next. Once the hardware configurations have been thoroughly tested and approved, the product will go into mass production.
  5. After the customer takes delivery of the PC, Cybernet continues to provide tech support. Each product also has a Cybernet warranty for parts and labor that covers the product throughout its lifecycle.
  6. Cybernet continuously invests in R&D and innovation for all-in-one PC technology. As technology improvements are incorporated into new designs, customers may want to take advantage of this in the form of modifications and upgrades to their custom product.
PCB Layout Design
ID Design
ME Design
Hardware Design
NCT Sample
Mockup Sample
Production Line
Assembly Line
Software Image Loading
Tooling and Die-making
Pre-production Prototypes
Verify Manufacturability
MVT Samples Approved by Customer
Testing (System Functionality, Appearance)
Final Quality Inspection
EMI and Other Regulatory Standards
Mass Production
Tech support
Warranty (parts & labor throughout product life cycle)
Continuing investment in R&D and innovation
Product line continuity
Upgrade potential
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