Electronic Medical Record Cart with LCD Arm, Powered

EMR Cart with LCD Arm, Powered

Bring computing power directly to the patient or anywhere it is needed in a busy hospital. Use any of Cybernet’s medical computers on this powered cart at multiple locations: patient rooms, labs, or operating rooms. With its integrated power system, the PC is plugged in to the cart and ready to go without having to search for a power outlet. Nurses and doctors can view electronic medical records (EMR), x-rays, medication data or administrative documents and enter data - using a touch screen capable Cybernet all-in-one PC. This medical cart’s ergonomic design features sit-to-stand height adjustment, bifocal viewing and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray. Additional features include:

  • UL-certified power system with easy to replace batteries
  • 65° tilt, 180° pan, and 360° rotation for LCD arm
  • Ultra-smooth gliding casters that travel easily across any floor surface
  • Surfaces treated with antimicrobial coating
Onboard Power for Ultimate Mobility
Dependable power system enables immediate point-of-care computing.

Ergonomic Innovation
This medical computer cart is designed for sitting or standing, with single-motion fluid adjustment to promote comfort and productivity.

Fully Adjustable
Easy to maneuver height adjustment can accommodate a wide range of users 5' to 6'1" tall, and the LCD can be adjusted a full 25 inches up or down.

Designed for Ease of Use
The back-tilt keyboard tray ensures wrists remain in a neutral position to avoid repetitive stress injury.

Sanitary Design
Seamless work surface construction promotes infection control.

Staying Organized
Mounting slot for accessories keep needed items handy and easily accessible.

Technical Abilities:
Supported LCD size up to 22"
180° Pan
Max capacity up to 35 lbs
VESA Compatible
MIS-D Standard VESA mount
27-inch lift  
360° Rotation