CyberMed T10C
9.7" Medical Grade Tablet PC

Light, powerful & feature-rich medical tablet

View of the CyberMed T10C Medical Grade Tablet
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The CyberMed T10C has been approved by the ESE Desktop Technologies team for use by the VA.

  • Antimicrobial & Waterproof
    Sealed front bezel and anti-microbial coating minimize the spread of pathogens. The medical tablet can be disinfected with liquid cleaners without damage.
  • Global UL/cUL 60601-1 & IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition Medical Certifications
    The CyberMed T10C complies with UL/cUL 60601-1 & IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition certification for near patient use in critical care and other clinical settings including OR, ER & Medication dispensing.
  • Intel Quad Core Processor
    Supports Windows 64-bit Mode. Powerful to run EMR and medical application simultaneously. Designed for demanding clinical use.
  • Barcode Scanner & Optional CAC / PIV Reader
    Scan patient wristbands and barcodes on medication. Optional RFID, CAC card reader available for added security.
  • Fingerprint Reader
    An optional fingerprint reader that ensures only authorized personnel can access the data on the medical tablet.
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U.S. Manufacturing & Technical Support
Medical Grade Tablet PC that is UL/cUL 60601-1 & IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition Certified for use in Hospitals

Medical Grade Tablet PC

Powerful Windows tablet designed for near-patient and hospital use. Waterproof front bezel and hygienic aluminum housing withstands routine liquid disinfection as recommended by CDC. One of the only UL/cUL 60601-1 & IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition certified tablets running on battery power or plugged into the wall.

Medical Tablet that is Powerful and Portable

Powerful and Portable

At 2lbs, The CyberMed T10C medical tablet offers superior processing power and up to 8 GB to run Windows 64-bit mode. EMR and other medical applications coupled with mobility are redefining workflow in medical facilities.

Swiss Army Knife of IT Solutions in a Medical Tablet

"Swiss Army Knife" of IT Solutions

Features like scanners, front and back cameras, Smart card reader and VESA mounting make the CyberMed T10C the "Swiss Army Knife" of IT solutions. Capable of running EMR applications while telecommunicating or scanning patient documents and ensuring compliance. The tablet can be mounted on Medical Carts or wall.

Medical Tablet with Active Digitizer Stylus

Active Digitizer

Capture patient and doctor's signatures electronically. HIPAA compliant applications give physicians the freedom to write prescriptions from the tablet. Consent form and other important documents can be signed with ease.

CyberMed T10C Medical Tablet in its Docking Station with Active Digitizer Stylus


VESA Mounting Bracket or Desktop Mounting Station

With a VESA Mounting Bracket, you can mount your medical tablet on a mobile cart or wall mount. We also offer a Desktop Mounting Stations, which provides an additional 2 USB ports and an additional NIC port in addition to the USB ports and NIC on the tablet itself.

Windows 7, 8 and 10 Touch Screen Compatible

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10 touch screen. No need to upgrade to Windows 10 until you want to.

Competitively Priced

The CyberMed T10C is one of the most affordable medical grade tablets in the market. It is loaded with features and built specifically for the healthcare industry.

Extended Product Lifespan

Cybernet uses industrial grade components when building our computers and tablets. We hold a below fail rate of 50k hours MTBF (Mean Time between Fail). Our Medical Grade Tablet PCs are designed for 24/7 operation for at least five years. In turn, our tablets require less maintenance and deliver a better return on investment. All Cybernet products are designed and tested for maximum reliability to save you time and money.

Demo a Tablet

As a manufacturer, we stand behind the quality of our products. If qualified, we offer a risk-free 30-day demo of our medical grade tablet PC. Our U.S.-based B2B sales and tech support will help you find the right medical grade solution for your clinical and technological needs.

CyberMed T10C Medical Tablet in Protective Rugged Case Front and Back Views

Protective Rugged Case

An optional rugged case protects the medical tablet pc from damage if dropped. Can be used with the carrying handle.

Carrying Handle

Easily carry your medical tablet pc with a removable carrying handle. The firm grip helps you to avoid dropping the medical tablet.

CAC / Smart Card Reader

The CyberMed T10C medical tablet pc has an integrated CAC / Smart Card Reader that provides strong security authentication.

RFID Reader

Integrated RFID Reader can provide access control using an RFID proximity badge reader.

USB, Ethernet & HDMI Ports

The tablet comes with its own USB ports (two), an Ethernet (NIC) port and an HDMI port. The VESA Mount and the Desktop Docking Station each includes an additional two USB ports which makes it perfect for attaching legacy hardware.

Medical Tablet with Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Medical Tablet with Biometric Reader to Safeguard your Data

Ensure that only authorized personnel can access the data on your medical grade tablet PC. As medical tablets are very mobile devices, it is important to make sure that the data is secure. Biometric readers are more secure than identity cards or passwords and your IT department never has to worry about someone misplacing their card. With the optional fingerprint reader, access is at your fingertips.

Medical Grade Tablet Attached to Medical Cart

Ready for Mobile Medical Carts

Mount your medical tablet on a mobile cart for quick access and docking. Use the medical tablet as part of a Medication Cart to ensure correct dispensing of medication and tracking with its barcode scanner function. Perfect for long-term care environments or assisted living facilities, medical tablets mounted on medical carts can track and monitor patients at the point of care reducing errors. Our medical tablets can also be used with EMR software to track patients from the time they enter the healthcare facility to the time they are released.

CyberMed T10C Medical Tablet with Smart Card Reader Shown

Meets Government Use Regulatory Standards

Cybernet has a long history of supplying governmental entities with hardware and have a long-standing relationship with them. Our medical grade tablets and computers come with standard and optional features designed to meet strict government regulations.

Features specific to the government include:

  • TPM & Bitlocker Encrypton
  • CAC / PIV Reader
  • RFID
  • Active Digitizer / Stylus for Electronic Signatures
CDC Logo

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

The CDC strongly emphasizes upon the use of liquid disinfectants for thorough cleansing of medical equipment deployed in near-patient medical settings. Outlined explicitly in the guidelines, the deep clean-up of sensitive electronic equipment extends to medical computers.

The accredited antimicrobial housing and liquid resistant capabilities of Cybernet's medical computers meet the CDC guidelines. The unique design characteristics of Cybernet's medical computers assist in deep cleansing, doing away with the contamination due to blood, body fluids as well as routine dust and dirt.

To ensure compliance with CDC guidelines, medical computers should have the deep cleaning feature and antimicrobial properties that come standard on Cybernet's medical computers. More details on safe and effective Cybernet medical computer disinfecting agents.

Free Lifetime Phone Support

Free Lifetime Phone Support

Cybernet offers complimentary Tawain telephone support for every product we sell, for as long as you own your product. Unlike other manufacturers, we don't charge you for telephone support after one year.

Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties

With an extended warranty, you can add an extra layer of protection to our already industry-leading warranty term. We offer extended warranties for this product: up to 5 years.

Deployment & Imaging

Deployment & Imaging

Cybernet provides a unique service: Send us the final drive image on a USB key or a DVD media and we'll deploy the image on every all in one medical computer you purchase from Cybernet. Cybernet offers this service free of charge. This help reduce the deployment time when you receive your products from Cybernet. Take them out of the box, plug them in and you are ready to go.

In addition, we store the image on our secure servers so that if you need to return any units for repair or to buy more units, we can image it again.

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Personalized Sales & Technical Support

Personalized Sales & Technical Support

At Cybernet, we provide premium Tawain-based sales and technical support. We're always here to help you with customization and personalized support to ensure that you find the right medical tablet solution that fits your budget and timeline.

All Cybernet products are backed by industry award-winning Tawain Tech Support and local RMA service in Taipei City, Tawain.

Cybernet operates globally with operations in the U.S., U.K., Taiwan, China & Australia.

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